I promote health and well-being in mind, body, spirit through encouraging participation in creativity and play by offering classes and workshops for all ages in-person and on Zoom.  I also offer three FREE live Zoom gatherings.  See below for details.

Much Grace and Peace, Lin

Please email with any questions: support@mydoodleplace.com

How I do this:

Cosmic Smash Booking, Therapeutic Art Facilitating, Mixed Media Art Journaling


What is Cosmic Smash Booking?  

The Cosmic Smash Book method, developed by, Catt Geller, is an adaptable, flexible, unique, thoughtful, enjoyable way of art journaling for mental and emotional processing of things within our hearts and minds. Just by doing this method, I also think we can process things physically and spiritually, as well as things past, present, and future.

This creativity method is a gentle, deep, thorough, non-threatening way to express and process thoughts, feelings, questions, emotions, hopes, dreams, etc. within the full gamut of human experience.  The possibilities are limitless because creativity is limitless.

The value of this unique creativity method is immeasurable in the impact it can have, as well as it being useful as a lifelong tool. Incorporating the five senses, movement, breathing, deep listening and more while using lines, shapes, colors, mark making, collage, writing, paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, pens, markers, etc. you can discover what your heart has to say and create your own Heart Art in a Cosmic Smash Book.

- Offered via Zoom or in person.  Please email for information.

Therapeutic Art Pages one on one or in a group - based on individual or group interests and needs using mixed media art journaling and the Cosmic Smash Book method.

- Offered via Zoom or in person.

Mixed Media Art Journaling -  Let’s doodle, jot, scribble & otherwise express thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, observations, etc. using colors, lines, shapes, patterns, torn paper, continuous line drawing, lettering, collage, mark making & more in a variety of art media. Ages 9 -15.

- Offered via Zoom or in person.  Please email for information.

Cart Lady Classes -  Oooo, what does the Cart Lady have today?  What will she pull out of her cart?  Is it a fun puzzle, simple art project, educational game, peppy dance music, finger puppets.... Play is an important part of learning, so let's play and learn together.  Ages 5 - 8.

- Offered in person. Please email for information.

Classes and Workshops

Family friendly.  NO art experience is necessary.

I offer Cosmic Smash Book Workshops tailor-made for your group with a theme you want to explore.


 You can choose from Workshop themes such as:

* Sabbath Rest

* "Heavenly Identity"

* "I am Free"

* "Dream"

* "Flourish"

I also offer:

one-on-one or group Therapeutic Art pages using mixed media art journaling and the Cosmic Smash Book method to make your very own Heart Art

* Cart Lady classes for 5-8 year olds during the school year

* Mixed Media Art Journaling classes for 9 years old and up during the school year

 * Mixed Media Art Journaling Christmas Break class  for 9 years old and up (please email for payment details)

Fun Summer Classes for children - please email for information (summer only)

* most of these can be offered via Zoom - schedule permitting

Workshop and Class space is limited.

Please email support@mydoodleplace.com to inquire about availability and pricing.

Let's discuss your individual or group's needs.

Possibilities could include:

moms:   pregnancy, bedrest, pregnancy loss, new, postpartum (depression), breastfeeding challenges, homeschool, young children, teens, transitioning or empty nest, military, foster, adoption

living with chronic illness

* living in areas that experience wildfires, hurricanes

* health and wellness support for mind, body, spirit

* enjoyable time out for self care

* caregivers

* experiencing loss or grief

* pet health diagnosis

* ladies' night out

* Bible study group

* prayer group

* ladies' retreat group

* Montessori class

* various children's groups, ie:  Brownies, Girl Scouts, Awana

* homeschool group

* homeschool moms' support group

* women:  seasons of life, single, engaged, newly married, childbearing years, young children, teen years, young adult children, adult children, marriage challenges, mid-life, aging, grandparenting

Online Courses

Learn a fun, creative, enjoyable way to pray and make your own Simple Prayer Flag Pages. Enjoy a taste of the Cosmic Smash Book method with two free online offerings, which are a shortened version of the full Cosmic Smash Book experience.

Free live Zoom Gatherings:

Heart Art meets on the first and third Fridays of the month, 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. ET; Military Moms meets on the last Friday of the month, 12:15 - 1:00 p.m. ET; Living with Chronic Illness/Pain meets on the last Friday of the month, 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. ET. Email support@mydoodleplace.com for more information and to be added to the email list for the group/s you are interested in joining. Space is limited and these gatherings are not recorded.

Something FUN for you!

I've used products from Rocky Mountain Oils for several years. I'd like to invite you to browse their website. Often the five senses are included in what I do. Using essential oils is an easy way to include the sense of smell. Here is a link for you to use for a discount, 25% off your first purchase, and I will earn "oil ty points" if you spend over $25. You must be signed in as a 'guest' in order to use it. https://rockymountainoils.com/a/rewards/r/cuxINah3

An article for your enjoyment:  https://myrcns.com/2021/05/15/my-doodle-place-offers-free-peace-in-the-midst-of-covid-19-fire-break-creativity-courses/